Pre-Race Gitters…

It is the night before the 2015 Amica Seattle Marathon .  This is my 5th marathon (with many other ultra marathons behind me), and I am here with my boyfriend who is walk/running is first half marathon (and FIRST running race ever).

What is going through my head and what is going on through his head?

My head: actually very little as I feel very prepared and on task.  I have done my specific workouts and I have quite a realistic goal.  I am not nervous but anxious to get it started and looking forward to the process and curious about the outcome as, regardless, race day is always a new day.

My boyfriend’s head: “stay calm, try to survive, finish”.  (Again, this is his first ever running race!! He really just started running again after 25 years)

I spent the day ensuring all the “I’s” are dotted and “T’s” are crossed.  What did that entail?

  1. I have a race plan with very specific targets of my pace at which I did many workouts to prepare and I am “comfortable” with.
  2. I have my morning all set out, oatmeal breakfast waiting in front of the microwave, running gear, “body glide” and my running shoes I have been training in ready to put on.  I will wake 2 hours before my start time (at least) to ensure I properly digest my breakfast.  All day I have been pre-hydrating making sure I am “peeing clear” – true story.
  3. I hope to sleep tonight, but often before a race my nervous system takes over and I don’t sleep all that well (I did an entire 50 MILE ultra marathon on 1 hour sleep, NOT recommended but this is very common).
  4. Race day nutrition: we are all very different; myself in a road marathon I cannot ingest very much, but I need to make sure I keep on top – I have 800 calories of energy ready to fuel me for the run (all in the form of diluted EFS and sport Jelly Bellies (yep jelly beans!), I am going to run with a small hydration pack.
  5. All day today I made sure to eat food I am very used to, we had pasta with meat sauce for dinner (this is a regular for us), and yes I still had wine with dinner, I just make sure to drink twice that in water.

No, for me, it is not complicated at all.

If you wish to track me live here is the process

  • My marathon goal is to go under 3:35 (which for me would be a personal best by 2+ minutes on a tough course).  I did this race very unprepared a couple of years ago and ran 3:37ish. My bib is #1482.
  • My boyfriend who is walk/running the half marathon has bib #5864, his goal time 2:00-2:38.

Happy trails!!

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