Be accountable to yourself and others.

arm-up (1)

I just came back from my first road “long run” after my most recent race ~2 months ago.  I…became accountable…and told Winston that I was “…off to try a 24k run, first long once since marathon”.

Yes, of course I hit that 18km point, content as can be with the workout as it was, hit a red light at a crosswalk, and looked over my shoulder, the sun glistened on the beautifully shiny, parked EVO (one of our car shares here in vancouver)


I pondered the thought of revving that puppy up and packin’ it in through the city and up my hill to my apartment.

But no….I was not only accountable to myself, I was accountable to Winston.  So off I trotted…

Accountability is one of my top coaching philosophies.  We talk about this daily with our athletes – accountability to their teammates is how they push to the limits that they do.

Though I have no running team per-se, I reach to others (like telling someone my goal).  The limits I can push with my trail running group or in races, is beyond what I ever push by myself.

In the time being, today (by my fun lonesome), because I was accountable, not only did it end up being an awesome run, it was my fastest pace long training run to date!  Even when I got home I did an extra 1km loop, just cuz 🙂

So here is my tip of the day – next time you challenge yourself, tell someone you are doing it, it may just help you through that wall.

Happy Trails!

“You’ll never accomplish the results you want until you are willing to do what you don’t necessarily want to do”.  ~Trish Blackwell

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