All great changes are preceded by chaos

octopus“All great changes are preceded by chaos.”

– Deepak Chopra

No hums or ho’s….after Toronto Marathon (actually during) life took a complete FLIP FLOP.  After 3 home sales in 1 month, while finishing off my full time coaching career at UBC, getting engaged, moving myself and my life across the country (literally with a cross country road trip) to be with my Fiance in Ontario…I realized how awesome and dynamic life can continue to be.


Now, I am settling well into Niagara, Ontario into our beautiful home and a fantastic Real Estate Brokerage and team (McGarr Realty), along with my other contract with Athletics Ontario as their Road Running Coordinator.

I am looking towards the Chicago Marathon entry this coming weekend  (which I entered back in the spring prior to this fun…no way was I going to scrap the entry!)….needless to say, I have been “tapering” now for about 5 months.


Uncertainty is not always the best race plan, but this weekend this is mine. This will be my 7th road marathon, I am smart enough to know that uncertainty is realistic.

After those, I am, however, CERTAIN that I will enjoy the moments (and appreciate that muscle memory and my 2 months of “cramming” may help).

About a month ago, I joined a local running group here called “Runners Edge” and have my very first coach (Benny and Kevin) since rowing at an elite level.  I will consult with them tomorrow and whatever pace they tell me to race this weekend, I will try.

Regardless, Winston and I get a lovely weekend away in Chicago with ~3.5-4 ish hours of me running!!

Happy trails!


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