Find your inspiration

What motivates you to get out there on a daily basis?

On a daily basis, I try to find all good reasons to run.  I love running, but I am human and I have weaknesses.

After a very emotional day yesterday, today I failed to run no more that 0.7 of a mile and turned back and walked home…

Why do I need to feel so accomplished every day?

On a daily basis, we are all confronted with these 4 questions, I believe, we all need to be able to answer these questions on a daily basis.

  1. How do I get myself out do to what I want to do?
  2. Why do I want to want to do what I do?
  3. Who is so much better than me, and does that help me? Who is influencing me to be the best I can be
  4. What is preventing me from me being my best every day?

After the past 2 months, 7 weeks ago I ran my second and best Boston Marathon, which is one of many accomplishments on my wall….since I  have experienced a lack of motivation.  Most who know me think am ultra-motivated; I have never been ultra-motivated, it is truly the people around me that inspire and motivate me, at all levels.

Today, I was inspired by my stepdaughter as I coached her to her first ever track workout…exactly the same reason why the bonds I have made with the people in my life mean more than any result I ever had.

I encourage you to not only embrace your process but more importantly the people involved.

Happy Trails!!






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